College gay stories College gay stories 1 min read
Unlike other Universities where everyone joins the Greek system, here there was some definite pressure not to join. Since there was this us versus them mentality swarming about it could get sortta rough sometimes. There were bars where everyone hung out and then there were the frat bars. He was the cutest jock on the college soccer team, and both girls and guys knew it. Graced with stunning good looks and a chiseled six foot body, his physical beauty was the only attractive thing about him. ... Read More
Gay bare backing Gay bare backing 1 min read
Bareback sex is physical sexual activity , especially sexual penetration , without the use of a condom. A slang term, bareback sex comes from the equestrian term bareback , which refers to the practice of riding a horse without a saddle. It is not known when the term as sexual slang was first used, although its use did gain momentum in the s with the first appearance in print as analogous reference occurring in The term appeared occasionally in print until the s and then in context to the AIDS epidemic and the discussion of sexual practices. It did not have widespread use in LGBT culture until , when there was an increase of discussion regarding condomless sex as reflected in print publications. ... Read More
Brain Drain: Arabic Linguists. On September 10th, , the United States government intercepted two phone calls placed from Afghanistan between Al Qaeda operatives. The National Security Agency intercepts millions of messages every hour, but these calls came from sources deemed to be high priority. They were, of course, spoken in Arabic, so they made their way to a translator's queue, waiting to be interpreted. Unfortunately, in the fall of our government did not have enough Arabic linguists to translate the messages quickly. ... Read More
Available on: Anthology 1. It was the first song recorded by The Beatles during their audition for Decca Records on 1 January The song had actually been performed by The Quarrymen as early as , when McCartney and Lennon were still finding their way as songwriters. As The Beatles' popularity grew in Liverpool in the early s, it was one of the original songs inserted into the group's set to see how it fared. It was, however, given to Birmingham group The Applejacks, who took it to number 20 in the UK singles chart in June — a time when anything written by Lennon-McCartney was likely to become a hit. ... Read More