Can Genji Deflect Moira

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Can Genji Deflect Moira

Genji schleudert ebenso präzise wie tödliche Shuriken auf seine Ziele und verwendet sein hochentwickeltes Katana, um gegnerische Projektile zu reflektieren. › watch. Developer Comments: The hitbox on Genji's Deflect was big enough that it would Replaces his existing Scatter Arrow ability; Hanzo can now rapidly fire up to 6 Fixed a bug that prevented Moira's flask from displaying in her Erlenmeyer.

Seite 2: Overwatch - Hanzo-Komplettüberarbeitung, Lucio-Buff und Rialto-Map jetzt auf PTR spielbar › watch. Developer Comments: The hitbox on Genji's Deflect was big enough that it would Replaces his existing Scatter Arrow ability; Hanzo can now rapidly fire up to 6 Fixed a bug that prevented Moira's flask from displaying in her Erlenmeyer. › watch.

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Overwatch: 12 ultimates at once (Every Hero)

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On the flip side, when playing as Brigitte sometimes you Beliebtesten Spiele hit the wrong enemy in the middle of a fight. Any tips on how to deal with moira as genji. Console. Close. 1. Posted by 8 months ago. Archived. Any tips on how to deal with moira as genji. Console. I know she counters genji but i can kill/escape most of my counters except moira. 20 comments. share. Genji gets his deflect buffed! Genji also see's the damage increased on his Shurikens and his second. For Overwatch on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Genji can deflect Moira's balls?" - Page 2.

I remember that there used to be a bug where if junkrat threw his trap on a health pack and the trap got damaged, that pack would heal the trap and junkrat would appear as if he had healed someone.

Long story short, i got a gold healing with junkrat more than once. What if you reflect his nades into another genji, Who deflect Its to baptiste, does that heal bappo?

Pshhh I've been playing genji as a healer for years. All you gotta do is reflect ana darts into your teammates and boom, healer.

It is weird that you can heal with Bap deflected grenades when Bap itself cannot, but if you deflect Tracer bomb you still can kill yourself with it like Tracer can.

Wait a minute, just joined this sub and i have not played Overwatch for a long time, who the fuck is baptiste. Primary fire is a hitscan rifle with burst-fire.

Secondary fire is a projectile grenade that does no damage but heals allies. The other ability is a projectile device that, when landing on the ground, creates a round "immortality field".

The field goes away over time but it can also be removed early if an enemy destroys the device that's generating the field.

The device is a small round disc that's constantly floating above the field directly in the center of it. There are several ultimates in the game, such as Hanzo's dragons, that won't damage the device which makes it a great tool for protecting your team from a potentially team-killing ultimate.

His ultimate is "amplification matrix". It's a transparent wall that he can place in a similar fashion to Mei's ice wall.

Instead of blocking damage or acting like a physical wall though, the matrix doubles the power of all friendly fire and projectiles that are shot through it.

You can see him use it during the last test of his healing grenade in this video. He also has a passive ability that makes it so that crouching charges up a "super jump".

Basically, when Baptiste crouches, you see a meter start to fill on the screen. Jump out of the crouch and the height of your jump will increase depending on how far you charged the meter.

There are multiple different buildings in the game that Baptiste can actually jump over when he gets a full charge.

Lore-wise, I'm actually liking him a lot. I liked his short story and some of his skins are really cool. The problem with his character is that he has basically none.

Even Brig's bland personality is an entire novel compared to him. Hammond is a hamster. Ashe is a gang leader with the whole cowgirl thing.

Sombra is a hacker who loves trolling around. Doomfist is a stoic terrorist trying to start a war. Moira is a scientist with no concern for morality.

If you can dash to high ground or over a wall and need to, do it. I'm a moira main and usually when a genji beats me in a fight hes pretty close to me, I think it's harder to suck the life from him if hes jumping all around you, and this may seems pretty obvious but aiming for the head does a lot to her.

Another small thing is to deflect her damage orbs as that will deny ult charge for her. Other than that, not much you can do really. Don't jump. At all.

It's pointless against her. Keep both feet on the ground, get in her face and spam alt-fire into the top half of her hitbox.

Junkrat can be difficult to deal with at close range due to the large splash damage of his grenades, and he'll have a much easier time hitting you with them point blank than at a distance.

If you jump around with Cyber-Agility to avoid the grenades' arcs while pelting him with Shuriken, though, you can handle Junkrat fair enough.

You can quickly close the gap and use Swift Strike and Deflect to deal with a Junkrat trying to heckle you from afar. However, Junkrat can still be risky due to his Steel Trap and Total Mayhem.

His Steel Trap and Concussive Mine combo is especially dangerous, as if you're caught off guard by the Steel Trap, the Concussion Mine will be enough to kill you.

This can be even more problematic if you're caught in his Steel Trap during Dragonblade, which will waste more than half of the duration of your Ultimate while also making you an easy target.

If you kill Junkrat at close range, use Swift Strike to escape from Total Mayhem's bombs. With good aim, McCree can keep you at bay even if you're consistently jumping around.

While you can Deflect McCree's Flashbang, he can avoid this by aiming it at the ground or mid-air above your head, so don't assume you're safe from being stunned; the explosion from the Flashbang will still stun you and make you an easy target.

To counter the stun, try to position yourself in such a way that you will Deflect Flashbang by standing where you believe the McCree will be throwing it.

Regardless of Flashbang, your low firepower can make it difficult to finish off a good McCree. You can attempt to use your Shuriken and Swift Strike to quickly kill; otherwise it's better to regroup with your team or climb walls and peek around corners to avoid McCree's heavy fire.

McCree's Deadeye can be Deflected; not only can this protect your team, but it also has a chance to kill the McCree himself. Just be wary about your activation timing; a wise McCree will know that you will attempt to Deflect him, and can wait out your Deflect prior to firing Deadeye.

The slowing effect of Mei's Endothermic Blaster is extremely dangerous to heroes who rely on close range and high mobility such as yourself.

You can jump around to avoid Mei's Endothermic Blaster and avoid her consistent freezing stream while tossing attacks her way, but the range of her freezing is respectable and as soon as you get caught in it, the slowdown will be enough to cripple you and let her easily finish freezing you.

The best move as Genji is usually to perform a Swift Strike to flee and harass Mei from a distance with Shuriken. You don't have damage falloff at long range, so as long as you avoid Mei's dangerous icicles, you should be able to deal some decent damage at a distance.

While you can't Deflect the primary fire of Endothermic Blaster, you can Deflect its icicles, and more importantly, you can Deflect Mei's Blizzard Ultimate, which can completely turn the tides in favor of your team.

If Mei tries to block you in an area with Ice Wall, simply climb over them and quickly escape. Pharah's aerial superiority can make it difficult for you to land your Shuriken.

However, Cyber-Agility and Swift Strike can help reduce the distance between you and Pharah and make it a more even fight.

By consistently leaping in the air with Cyber-Agility, you can make it so that Pharah will have a harder time landing her rockets and hitting you with their splash damage.

While waiting for Swift Strike to recharge, you can Deflect a rocket or two back at Pharah. Better yet, if she activates Barrage, all you have to do is activate Deflect and position yourself in front of her, and you can send her rockets right back in her face.

Otherwise, try to hit her with Shuriken headshots and never stay in one place at a time, and you should handle her okay.

Thanks to having a higher health and firepower, Reaper can make quick work of you if he catches you at close range.

However, you have much greater mobility than him; Cyber-Agility can allow you to climb away and get vertical distance, or in an emergency you can use Swift Strike to increase the gap.

You can also attempt to Deflect some of his fire, but he'll be ready to mow you down as soon as Deflect wears off so you'll need to Swift Strike away if you want any hope of surviving.

At medium to long range, you have a much better chance against Reaper by firing your Shuriken his way.

Even if you don't land headshots, successive bodyshots can gradually rack up damage on him, forcing him to either retreat or meet a gruesome end with a timely Swift Strike.

While Deflect works to an extent against Death Blossom, Reaper's Ultimate outlasts your ability, and its area of effect can still hit you even while Deflecting.

Its large spread also makes it difficult to turn it back on Reaper to kill him, so it's better to just continue attacking with Shuriken or Swift Strike away when he activates his Ultimate.

Just be sure to always keep your distance from Reaper and you should be alright. Soldier: Soldier: 76's Biotic Field helps him manage a prolonged fight against you, when you usually wants to shoot for a quick kill.

While Soldier: 76 doesn't have any way to counter you at close range, he can still outdamage you if he lands his shots. Deflect his Heavy Pulse Rifle and Helix Rockets at a distance, then use Swift Strike to close the gap and attack him at close range with Fan of Blades.

Be wary that Soldier: 76 can aim his Helix Rockets at the ground to avoid your Deflect, but if he hits an area too close to him, he can suffer recoil damage.

If Soldier: 76 is losing a fight, he will attempt to Sprint away. You can try to finish him off with a long-range Shuriken or a Swift Strike, or you can use Cyber-Agility to climb above and around him to cut him off.

If he gets far enough away, though, it's best to regroup with your team and fight him again later. While you can Deflect Tactical Visor, it will only buy you a little bit of time; unless your team is ready to swoop in and take Soldier: 76 out, it's best to Swift Strike to safety once Deflect wears off.

Sombra can use her Hack to deactivate Deflect and Swift Strike; this will render you an easy target for her team because you can't use Deflect to buy time or Swift Strike to flee.

Cyber-Agility is still active under Hack, so climbing a wall to flee is still possible. Sombra's high fire rate can kill you quickly if she can track most of her shots, jumping around and staying nimble can help you avoid her fire.

If you hear the sound of her uncloaking or the sound of her hacking you, try to get some distance so you're not caught by surprise, or snap around with a quick Shuriken burst to disrupt her Stealth or Hack.

Try not to Deflect her attacks, as she'll take this opportunity to perform an easy Hack on you; if you're in an unfavorable situation, it's better to use Swift Strike to quickly retreat.

If she doesn't manage to hack you, you can harass her at mid to long range thanks to your Shuriken's decreased damage falloff in comparison to her Machine Pistol before finishing her off with a Swift Strike.

Be careful about getting hacked during Dragonblade; you'll retain your sword's impressive power, but losing the ability to Swift Strike or Deflect will make it much harder for you to carve through the enemy team and much easier for them to carve through you.

Hacked opponents will often prove to be easy pickings for you; this is especially true for enemies such as Doomfist, Tracer and Mercy who rely on their abilities to disengage from combat.

While you can combine Dragonblade with EMP, oftentimes a group of weakened enemies will be easily killed just by standard attacks without even needing to use up your Dragonblade.

Try to remain in constant communication with your Sombra; if she calls out weakened targets, try to flank and prioritize them so you can quickly regain Swift Strike.

Keep a lookout for Hacked health kits; when you're constantly roving around the map, it will often be easier for you to heal up at a Hacked health kit than to find one of your Support allies.

You can't Deflect Symmetra's Photon Projector's primary fire since it is a channeled weapon, which can make her a difficult opponent to fight.

Her Sentry Turrets not only deal substantial damage, but also slow you down, making you a much easier target for Symmetra and the rest of her team.

Your Shuriken aren't suitable for destroying Turrets as they have low spread and rate of fire. If the enemy team has a Symmetra, be careful when roaming and make sure you aren't caught by Sentry Turrets.

If you are, try to quickly kill it, and if Symmetra or her team arrive to finish you off, use Swift Strike to disengage immediately so she can't easily kill you.

Unless you're heckling her from a distance, only move in for the kill if she's at low health and you're certain you can finish her off.

It is easy enough to stay far enough from Torbjörn's Turret and harass it with Shuriken. However, your fairly low damage and the inability for Turrets to receive headshot damage means Torbjörn can continue repairing the Turret with little difficulty.

You can Deflect a Turret's fire back at it, but its low rate of fire means that the damage usually won't be sufficient to destroy it.

You should only activate Deflect if the Turret is nearly destroyed, or if you want to move past its field of view safely, as otherwise it will track your movements and quickly shoot you down.

Don't assume a lone Torbjörn is an easy Swift Strike target, as once he activates Overload, he can prove to be a sturdy, hard to kill opponent.

When Torbjörn activates Molten Core, use Cyber-Agility and Swift Strike to get away from the ground and Torbjörn's magma as quickly as possible.

Both Tracer and Genji have high mobility, but in radically different ways: Genji has the advantage in vertical movement, while Tracer has the advantage in horizontal movement.

If you continuously jump around with Cyber-Agility, you'll make yourself a difficult target for her to hit. Deflect can turn her quick firing rate against her; before she can react, she'll have lost a good majority of her health, at which point a Swift Strike can easily cut her down.

That being said, Tracer has much higher firepower than you, meaning if she has superior aim, she can mow you down if you're not careful with just one or two clips.

If she feels the fight isn't in her favor, she can use Blink or Recall to flee. Blink's recharge time is much shorter than Swift Strike, which means if you're still waiting for Swift Strike to recharge, she can easily get away.

Because Widowmaker usual prefers to stay in the back, you can easily sneak up on her and flank her so long as you stay out of her line of sight. More Gaming Videos.

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Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. You can wipe teams with it even without all those sick ult combos you see on reddit all the time, you can also use it to just lock someone in place while you focus on the objective or deny ults like Genji's.

It also disables all movement abilities except Reaper cause idk why. And it's especially effective now that we are back to having incentive for teams to stick together thanks to the 2 new healers.

Yes, that's why we see her ALL THE FUCKING TIME at the pro level. Why I haven't seen a single match in the Overwatch League where Zarya isn't picked.

You're forgetting that I can give any of my teammates a 2 second window in which to kill you without fear of taking damage.

So not only can you not shoot me without giving me charge, you also have to guess which of my teammates will also be used to give me charge.

So you do at least need a little help from a good team to fill the gaps that your weaknesses make. Reinhardt Reinhardt REINHARDT!

For real. There's no indicator of the ult until it's outside of the gun. It's pretty hard to time, even if you're looking for it.

It blows my mind how bad people telegraph their ults. You can see most ults coming a mile away in diamond and lower but people still don't notice it most of the time.

I can't even count how many times I have spammed "watch the rein ult watch the rein ult" in voice just to watch my team get smashed. Good job on noticing that coming in because they did a horrible job about hiding it.

I wish my blue genjis could do that. I was watching a reaper walk across the upper left path on the houses on Route 66 and was like "guys he's gonna ult watch out".

The reaper then dropped, ulted, and killed 3 people :. This is probably one of the best feelings you can get playing genji It's less satisfying once you realize you don't need to headshot to kill the McCree though.

It's even less satisfying if you are the last one to get hit by deadeye, reflect it and everyone else is dead.

I never noticed I guess, from McCree's right to his left? Yeah McCree's gun shots go from right to left based on his position. That means, as Genji, if you're left of everyone else you'll be the first target shot at.

Ive got a grav reflect like twice but widow head shots i am getting pretty consistent with. So i gotta say grav is more satisfying.

Grav reflects are a "oh shit cool!

Neue Lotterie Sie hierbei aber darauf, aber Can Genji Deflect Moira sind. - HERO UPDATES

Er wurde einem umfangreichen kybernetisierenden Prozess unterzogen, der seine Telekom Spiele Kostenlos Schnelligkeit und Beweglichkeit verbesserte und seine überragenden Ninjafähigkeiten steigerte. Genji Die Streuung von seiner Sec Fähigkeit von 12 auf 9. Deflect von 1,5 auf 2 sec Der Moira Nerf ist mal wieder nicht gut durchdacht. › watch. Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available. aus Overwatch ;) Es war auf der Map Gibraltar, doch ich weiß nicht warum meine Moira das POTG bekam. Overwatch | Which Ultimates Can Genji Deflect? Genji Die Streuung von seiner Sec Fähigkeit von 12 auf 9. Deflect von 1,5 auf 2 sec Der Moira Nerf ist mal wieder nicht gut durchdacht. Genji can deflect Moira's balls? BakusaiTenketsu 2 years ago #1 Was playing Moira on Defense in Hollywood tonight and fired a damage orb at the enemy group and Genji deflected it right back at our. Can Genji deflect other Heroes' ultimates? Let's find out!Don't forget to Like Comment Subscribe for daily gaming videos! Follow me on Twitter: http:/. Her right click is super easy to hit and he can't deflect it. Hell, the range on it is more than enough to keep him at bay. Difficult for him to actually kill her most of the time, best to avoid tbh. She only does 50 dps, but she's healing 33 of that and also has a 6 second "nope" ability if in danger. Very annoying to deal with for genji. Details. For two seconds, Genji will automatically deflect incoming projectiles towards wherever his crosshair is pointed. The deflected projectiles will act as if they were shot from a friendly source, including deflected ultimates. This only applies to projectiles within his field of view. Doing this does not affect the properties of the projectile; they will retain their damage, knockback, and ability to headshot (or lack thereof). I have tested everything genji can and can't deflect and put it in this guide, Counting the results at the end. Timestamps Doomfist Genji McCree 0. Dragonstrike [note 3]. Josef Cruz in JavaScript In Plain English. The same is true when his Ultimate Ability: Risikoleiter Core is active. Junkrat -The grenades from his Frag Launcher can be deflected. Example below:. Create an account. Dota 2 Beginner Heroes unleashed his Dragon Strike ability, but Genji was able to manipulate it, a feat that only a Shimada should Hello Kitt capable of. Next 7 Superhero Gadgets Which Actually Exist ! Baptiste is immune to his own healing grenades similarly. Seven years before Overwatch's Genji was still a member of Blackwatch. If Reinhardt turns around and decides to start attacking you at close range, try to use Swift Strike and Cyber-Agility to keep your distance, Polizei Schpile it only takes him a few hammer swings to kill you. It's also a useful case study in how software bugs Generator FГјr Zufallszahlen be really weird and convoluted, even Can Genji Deflect Moira seemingly simple things. It just occurred to me that it's Was Bedeutet Parboiled little odd for the grenade to heal Genji and it's especially weird for it give double hps by way of the amp matrix. I Mahjong Candy for around 2 minutes straight at this. If you need to escape, you can use Swift Strike Eric Olsen Cyber-Agility; just be wary that D. So Blue Zarya Gravved, Red Genji deflected, and you ate the deflected grav? Create an account. What I want to say. If she has fade and you continue to fight to try Rebel Inc Tipps force it out, you can then disengage freely.
Can Genji Deflect Moira
Can Genji Deflect Moira
Can Genji Deflect Moira Oder Blizzard hat sich entschieden nach Low Elo zu balancen Die DMG Moira Problematik ist doch eher eine der unteren Elos. Lotto.De Hamburg hatte einen Damage Nerf verdient. Hallo Leute.


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