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A model represents a set of structured data, called records. For a complete walkthrough of available options when setting up a model definition, see Model Settings , Attributes , and Associations. Once a Sails app is running, its models may be accessed from within controller actions, helpers, tests, and just about anywhere else you normally write backend code. This allows your code's call model methods to communicate with your database or even with multiple databases. Every model in Sails has a set of methods exposed on it to allow you to interact with the database in a normalized fashion. ... Read More
On the way she met Penelope, who was her best and oldest friend. Penelope noticed that Jenny was in a good mood and asked what was up. Pipp-Thompson," said Jenny; she had never thought about what had happened earlier that day as a way to capture a man, but it had worked just fine — at least in Mr. Pipp-Thompson's case. Ouch, it was not quite right to tell Penelope, she thought, but since she was her best friend, it was surely in order. ... Read More
Check out how I use 20 familiar kindergarten stories to create a retell center that lasts the whole year. Chester Raccoon Roll and Cover — Three different versions to easily differentiate the numbers your students are comfortable with. Build beginning number recognition and number sense with this dice game. There are lots of card activities and this alphabet game board too. My favorite is the dice roll game and it is the second item I roll out in the practice zone. ... Read More
Keri Andrews and Alesia Glidewell are a very talented, very successful female duo who have a vision and an intense passion to drive them towards their goals. Andrews, a former Microsoft program manager, teamed up with fellow Glidewell, a voice actor and on screen actress, to work towards the creation of You Kick Ass. The basis of their company is this; anyone can be a superhero. The way it works is simple enough and extremely convenient for those who are looking for a clever gift idea or promotional items. Potential customers need only go online in order to generate their super selves. ... Read More
Need your parts polished? Need a certain finish? Please give us a call to get a quote We accept Credit Cards. Loans are subject to credit approval and monthly payments illustrated above are based on terms available to highest qualified candidates and subject to additional terms and conditions Currency Capital, LLC is an independent finance company and is not the manufacturer or supplier of any equipment. GEM specializes in the manufacturing of specialized equipment, contract manufacturing and CNC machining GEM provides a broad spectrum of capabilities, technologies and methodologies in a lean manufacturing environment Each project is carefully optimized to ,. ... Read More
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